Sep 08

Doody Calls / Hot Spots / Village Groomer

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Picture 1_5.pngSusan D’Anello, Founder, Doody Calls joins hosts Lisa Gorman and Scott Sheppard to talk about their nationwide solutions for pet waste removal. Susan and her husband founded the business to make extra money in 2000 and after starting locally in Northern Virginia area soon realized that not many companies offered “pooper scooping” services. The business focused on the needs of homeowners, apartment complexes, public parks, and recreation areas and in 2005 they franchised their company and now have over 25 representative territories across the United States.

pic_truck.jpgThey handle the maintenance of public dog waste stations and individualized cleaning services for larger community areas. For homeowners the costs averages about $15 a week for yard clean-ups which is much less than one would expect as they also help to minimize the unsightly “brown spots” that end up on your lawn areas. For more information on their services and franchise opportunities visit: or call 1-800-DOODYCALLS for more information.

Lisa and Scott review current dog news and story highlights of the week. This week’s reports focuses on Leona Helmsley’s dog $12 million dollar inheritance, and a blind man who is evicted for keeping his service dog.

Lisa delivers the Doggie Chronicles Tip of the Week about hot spots on your dog. Summer heat can frequently cause minor “hot spot” irritations that are often treated as dog allergies. If you see your pet aggravating the area excessively, don’t wait to bring it to your veterinarian for proper treatment.

mishomey2.jpgMissi Salzberg, Owner, The Village Groomer & Pet Supply joins The Doggie Chronicles to share insights of her life’s experience in a family owned and operated dog grooming salon. Missi is an expert in the topic of educating owners and breeders on the topic of choosing a good groomer and what to look for when choosing the right groomer for your pet. The Village Groomer is well known in the Boston, MA area and services over 3,000 regular clients with their approach to “whole dog care”.

Oscar_the_Cockapoo_.jpgToday’s groomers are moving beyond a regular wash or cut and are skilled in specialized artistic cuts for regular clients and often make owners aware of skin or behavioral changes to ensure great overall care. The dogs should be hand dried vs. placed in a cage under a fan dryer and this is an example of what would set a pet care professional apart from a regular dog groomer. For more information on Missi and The Village Groomer visit:

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