Jan 12

Do you really know what you’re feeding your dog?

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Paul Miller owner of Poochini Whole Pet joins hosts Lisa Gorman and Scott Sheppard to talk about the pet food recall. Paul tells us all about what happened with the food that was recalled as well as ways to protect you pet from food issues. Lisa, Scott, and Paul talk about the problems that foods can cause. Paul lets us know that this food recall was not a isolated incident it was just on a larger scale then we have seen before.

There have been all kinds of recalls before as well as hundreds of pets having health issues that were never attributed to foods that they eat. What kinds of things are in place to protect us and our pets from bad foods? The Pet Food industry does not have any type of FDA governing board. Paul tells us how we the consumer is driving the lower priced foods meaning lower quality by what we purchase. Paul also tells Lisa and Scott about all kinds of things that we consumers have no idea are in the foods that we are giving out pets.

Find out more about Poochini Whole Pets and the food recall at: http://www.poochinipet.com/

Lisa delivers the Doggie Chronicles Tip of the Week all about how you really don’t know who is manufacturing your pets food.


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