Aug 30

Tips For Pet Rescue Professionals / How to Prevent Parasites

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Susan DaffronSusan Daffron, Author & Founder, National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals joins hosts Lisa Gorman and Scott Sheppard to talk about why some pet rescue groups struggle while others successfully save more pets every year? Susan explains how her expertise in working with rescue groups encouraged her to found the organization to better help other folks who are involved in saving potentially homeless pets. The organization provides resources, templates, and tools for marketing, promotion, adoption programs. Happy HoundSusan shares some trends and examples of how the association can help local rescue efforts.

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Susan also wrote a book "Happy Hound" about how to develop a great relationship with your adopted dog. For more information visit:

Lisa and Scott review current dog news and story highlights of the week.

Lisa delivers the Doggie Chronicles Tip of the Week about plants that are
harmful to your dog. See a full list and find out more information at

Dr. Mike Paul, DVM, and Executive Director, Companion Animal Parasite Council joins The Doggie Chronicles to talk about parasites that can effect your pup and share some tips on how to prevent them. Dr. Mike explains that one of the main reasons we should be concerned about vaccinating your dog against parasites and keeping them on a preventative maintenance program is to keep the parasites from infecting the humans around your family pet. Known issues such as heartworms can be prevented year round, annual testing by your Vet is important to ensure you and your pet remain parasite free.

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