Jan 24

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Mari Justin, Founder & Creator of DoggyJava joins hosts Scott Sheppard and DoggyJava LogoLisa Gorman to explain how the "coffee craze"has gone to the dogs withDoggyJava nutritional drink. Mari gives a background of how she created this unique way to keep your pup hydrated, while giving him valuable vitamins in a liquid treat. Now you can start your morning routine with your favorite pooch. DoggyJava makes a great gift and even comes packaged with a giant coffee cup.

Find out more at: http://www.doggyjava.com

Lisa and Scott deliver this week’s Doggie Chronicles Breed Report featuring Portugese Water Dogs. Continuing last week’s segment on potential pups for the Presidential family, this breed like a Poodle also has a hypo-allergenic coat is easily trained, active, and great with kids.

Jennifer Keene, Author of "We Can’t Stay Together for the Dogs"joinsThe Doggie Chronicles to share her own experiences and tips on managing a dog friendly divorce. Jennifer explains ways to handle the decision of who gets the family pet when you and your significant other split.

Find out more at: http://www.jenniferkeene.com/

Scott and Lisa also discuss the ASPCA’s list of Top 10 Poisons of 2008, with human medications, insecticides, and human food leading the list. Find out more ASPCA news and tips at: http://www.aspca.org/

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