Dec 13

Holiday Pet & Gift Guide ~ Woof Wellness Water

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In this special edition of the Doggie Chronicles Radio program, Lisa Gorman and Scott Sheppard review some great pup-approved gift ideas for your dog and favorite pet lovers.

Brian Fate, Founder, Woof Wellness Water joins The Doggie Chronicles to talk about his healthy liquid treat for dogs. Brian explains how his life loving chocolate lab "Ophelia", inspired him to create Woof Wellness Water which provides valuable nutrients and vitamins for your active pup. Enhanced with electrolytes, vitamin B, glucosamine for healthy hips and joints, and flavored with peanut butter. Now instead of giving your dog these supplements as a pill you can easily offer it as a tasty drink, pour over their food, or even turn it into ice cubes for a refreshing summer treat. Find out more by visiting:

Tobi-Dawne Yandt, Author/Dog Trainer specializing in kindness techniques, joins hosts Scott Sheppard and Lisa Gorman to talk discuss holiday misbehavior, do good dogs go bad over holidays? TD, also known as "DogMa" and has been a groomer, breeder, handler, trainer, writer, and photographer. She shares some tips on how to keep your pet happy, healthy, and well mannered this holiday. She also discusses her training style and what it means to be a kindness trainer. Tobi-Dawne is also a published author and maintains a very informative blog full of training tips for humans and how they can better understand and communicate with their pets. To find out more go check them out over at:

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