Nov 03

Happy Tail Ale & Health Insurance for your Dog

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KodiAndMommy.jpgJamie Miller, Owner, Beer for Dogs joins hosts Lisa Gorman and Scott Sheppard to talk about a refreshing libation for your pup. Jamie developed the concept after finding out that her dog Kodiak Bear was a huge fan of beer and would frequently knock over and drink it during their family camping trips.

BottleShotNew.jpgAfter doing extensive research to develop a “dog friendly” recipe that does not contain alcohol or hops, created the “Happy Tail Ale”brew with malted barley, filtered water, fortified with Glucosamine and Vitamin E, and natural beef flavor that dogs love. For more information on Happy Tail Ale, and where to buy some for your next “tail-gating” party visit:

Lisa and Scott review current dog news and story highlights of the week.

Lisa delivers the Doggie Chronicles Tip of the Week with some warnings and tips about poison oak and poison ivy on your dog. If you plan to be out enjoying the brisk fall/winter weather, be careful that your pup does not get into this dangerous foliage. Be sure to wipe down your pet after your walk so that it doesn’t have a chance to penetrate their fur or worse, get onto you. Most veterinarians will recommend Benadryl to treat your itchy pet but it’s good to be aware that this danger exists.

laura.jpgLaura Bennett, Co-Founder & CEO of Embrace Pet Insurance joins The Doggie Chronicles to talk about insurance for your dog. Laura explains details about finding the right policy for your pet and considerations for treatment options on what is covered based on your dogs age and current medical conditions including hereditary traits that are breed specific such as hip dysplasia in larger canines.

Picture 1_8.pngPet insurance can save you a lot of money should an emergency or situation arise, some policies even cover certain levels of chemotherapy should your dog get cancer. You can compare plans at where all the U.S. Insurance plans are represented. For more information from Laura and Embrace Pet Insurance visit her blog at:

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