Sep 15

Complete Natural Nutrition & Skyhoundz Disc Dog Championships

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cheese_please_2.jpgPeter Kauffman, Complete Natural Nutrition, joins hosts Lisa Gorman and Scott Sheppard to discuss some tips on what to look for in dog food and treats to help maintain proper nutrition for your dog. Peter warns about the overuse of words such as “nutrition” and “human grade” when discussing dog foods and shares information about his line of Cheese Please and Real Food Toppersproducts.

Picture_3.pngThe Complete Natural Nutrition line of pet snacks and food are processed in the same manner as food used by the military and NASA. It is not just “human grade” it’s actual human food, freeze-dried, and can be served dry out of the package or reconstituted for a hearty pet meal using warm water. The Cheese Please biscuit line is made from real Wisconsin cheese for flavor and quality. For more information on their great line visit:

Lisa and Scott review current dog news and story highlights of the week.

Lisa delivers the Doggie Chronicles Tip of the Week about dog food allergies. If your dog shows signs of itching or has very dry skin, it’s quite possible that they may be allergic to something in their food. Dog food contains a variety of grains, including corn and wheat, which may be causing the irritation. Try changing to a brand that contains less fillers and more natural ingredients and there is a good chance that your pet’s chronic skin irritations will clear up.

peter.jpgPeter Bloeme, Founder of Hyperflite & Director of Skyhoundz Championships, the Canine Disc World Championship Series joins the Doggie Chronicles to talk about the event and his competition Hyperflite flying discs. Peter, a former world champion disc dog competitor with his border collie Wizard, was instrumental in developing the disc dog sport and competition which began gaining ground in the early 70’s.

Picture 1_6.pngPeter explains his vision for the Hyperflite flying discs, which were the first patented “frisbee” discs designed to stand up to canine use. They now have several key products including Jawz, SofBite, and Midnight Sun which glows in the dark for night use. They also have a specially designed line called the Pup Discs which are meant for smaller dogs who also have their own class level in the Skyhoundz competition MicroDog along with the standard Freestyle classes. Peter also shares some tips on how to get your dog started in this exciting sport.

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