Apr 12

Rope ‘n Go Harness / Canine Freestyle Dancing

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Rebecca Albertson, Owner, ROPE-N-GO joins hosts Lisa Gorman and Scott Sheppard to talk about their ROPE-N-GO Dog Harness. A hardware free pet harness that is all made with one braided piece of rope. Rebecca tells us how they developed these harnesses based on halters they had crafted for horses. ROPE-N-GO harnesses actually adjust to your dog, so you have a better fit.

See all the great harnesses over at http://www.ropengo.com

Lisa and Scott review current dog news and story highlights of the week.

Lisa delivers the Doggie Chronicles Tip of the Week about tick removal.

Patty Gable, Dog Trainer, joins The Doggie Chronicles to talk about Dancing Dogs. Patty works with our friends at Marin Humane Society as well as having her own training business. Patty tells us all about a new fun trend called freestyle dancing. Patty explained what freestyle dog dancing is and what is involved in this. See some examples by doing a search on www.youtube.com for "canine freestyle dancing" or click here for an exceptional performance by one of the world’s greatest dance pairs.

Learn about their training programs and Freestyle classes at: http://www.marinhumanesociety.org/Behavior/Classes/intermediateclasses.asp
or on http://www.canine-freestyle.org/

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