Jun 02

This Week’s Show Features: Candid Canine / Bad Food for Dogs / Bony Babies

AndrewDarlow.jpgAndrew Darlow, President, CandidCanine.com, joins hosts Lisa Gorman and Scott Sheppard to discuss how to take better pictures of your beloved pet. Andrew is a professional photographer based in the NYC area who has photographed thousands of dogs, other pets, and people with their pets in their homes and at events such as the Westminster Dog Show. Andrew shares tips and techniques he uses in his work to get your dog to feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Hear about selecting a location, enhancing the lighting, how to adjust the settings on your camera, and more!

See his work, or if you are located in the New York area contact Andrew for a personal consultation at: http://www.candidcanine.com

Lisa and Scott review current dog news and story highlights of the week, including tips from the ASPCA Pet Food Recall Center, who recently published an article indicating that rat poison may not have been responsible for the scare. Read more at: http://www.aspca.org/site/PageServer?pagename=recall

Lisa delivers the Doggie Chronicles Tip of the Week discussing various foods that are potentially deadly for your dog. Some you may have heard about, but many including onions and garlic are not as well known. For a more complete list of harmful edibles you can check out a complete description at: http://www.lowchensaustralia.com/health/dietno.htm

setof3.JPG.jpgMolly Reitz, Co-Owner of Bony-Babies joins the Doggie Chronicles to discuss her innovative chew toys for dogs. If your dog likes to tear up their toys, or maybe your favorite pair of shoes, these toys are the perfect treat. Made of soft pet-safe material each character has a rawhide bone inside that encourages the dog to rip into the toy to get his treat. These are safe for dogs of all sizes, and a great way to appease more aggressive pets.

Find out more and where to buy them at: http://www.bony-babies.com

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