May 26

This Week’s Show Features: Planet Dog / Honest Kitchen / Dog Gives Heimlich

PlanetDog_1.pngPatricia Smith from the Planet Dog Foundation joins hosts Lisa Gorman and Scott Sheppard to describe how their organization provides support and fundraising programs to help service dogs. Whether, therapy dogs, service dogs, search & rescue dogs, bomb sniffing dogs, police dogs, seeing eye/hearing dogs, Planet Dog celebrates all “working” dogs that are enhancing and saving human lives.

Founded in 2006 Planet Dog has raised over $100,000 on various, promotes a series of fund raisers and grant programs geared toward specific service dog organizations across the United States. Information on how to apply or participate in a Planet Dog program are available on their website:

PlanDogProd.pngIn addition to local activities, Planet Dog also maintains an online store of great dog toys and other products a portion of whose sales go directly to help their programs and grant plans. Dog product suppliers can participate by donating products for sale. Planet Dog products are a great way to get your dog treats and feel good knowing that your purchase is helping these hard working animals and groups achieve their goals. To learn more, make a donation and shop today at

Lisa and Scott review current dog news and story highlights of the week.
This week Lisa discusses details on the Pet Food Product Recall. More
information on this issue is available and updated by FDA on this site:

HonKitLogo.pngLucy Postins the owner of The Honest Kitchen tells The Doggie Chronicles all about their unique and healthy line of dehydrated dog food. Their selection of meat, fruit, and vegetable ingredients begin and end their process as fresh wholesome human grade food throughout the manufacturing process.

The food contains no by-products, added salt or sugar, chemical preservatives, artificial colors or flavors and NO beet pulp, rice, wheat, corn, or soy. Which makes them ideal for dogs with allergies including dry, itchy skin, hair loss, lack of energy, chronic ear problems or other health issues.

HonestKitProd.pngEach dry-measured cup of food should be mixed with 1 to 1.5 cups of warm water, and will yield about 1lb of fresh food. The fresh food consistency will resemble oatmeal or stew and should be fed to your pet immediately ensuring a fresh meal. Find out more about Honest Kitchen Products and where to purchase at:

Toby.jpgLisa delivers the Doggie Chronicles Tip of the Week as a rescue story describing how Toby, a 2-year old Golden Retriever from Calvert, MD saved his owner’s life by performing a doggy version of the Heimlich maneuver by jumping on his owner, Debbie Parkhurst’s chest while she was choking and successfully dislodged a piece of fruit that might otherwise have killed her. The Doggie Chronicles Tip of the week is to trust your canine friend and never put anything past them because you never know when they might save your life! For more on the story visit:

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